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Plugin Description Documentation Languages Price per month EUR
BGBilling Integration with BGBilling system. DOC RU 10:4.00, UNLIM:6.50
Billing.Invoice Invoice creation, sending via email. DOC RU, EN 10:1.50, UNLIM:2.50
Billing.Subscription Management of product subscriptions similar to used for BGERP itself. DOC RU, EN 10:2.50, UNLIM:5.00
Collaborate.Team Team collaboration. DOC EN 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Dispatch E-Mail subscriptions for clients. DOC RU 10:1.00, UNLIM:1.50
Document Storing documents, attached to processes and customers. Template based document generation. DOC RU 10:1.50, UNLIM:2.50
GIT Generates GIT commands for branch-based development process. DOC RU, EN 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Message.Asterisk Integration with Asterisk PBX. DOC RU, EN 10:1.50, UNLIM:2.50
Message.E-Mail E-Mail messaging: processing incoming flow, sending mails. DOC RU, EN 10:1.50, UNLIM:3.00
Message.Feedback Sending messages to a process from Open interface. DOC RU, EN 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Message.phpBB Connection process messages with phpBB topic. DOC RU 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Message.Slack Connect process messages to a Slack channel. DOC RU, EN 10:1.00, UNLIM:1.50
Message.SMS Sending SMS messages. DOC RU 10:1.00, UNLIM:1.50
Mobile Integration with Android mobile application. DOC RU 10:2.50, UNLIM:6.50
Planning.Blow Project management system. DOC RU, EN 10:0.50, UNLIM:6.50
Planning.Callboard Work shift planning. DOC RU 10:2.50, UNLIM:6.50
Planning.SLA Service Level Agreement 10:2.00, UNLIM:4.00
Planning.Workload Shows in process card the actual load of execution group. DOC RU 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Report Set of reports with diagrams and charts. DOC RU, EN 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Search.FullText Fulltext search by processes, customers, messages. DOC RU, EN 10:1.50, UNLIM:2.50
Security.Access Additional management of user accounts. DOC RU, EN 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Security.Auth Authentication users in Active Directory / LDAP with groups import. DOC RU, EN 10:2.50, UNLIM:6.50
Security.Secret Generation of one-time passwords for Open interface. DOC RU, EN 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Service.Backup Reserve copies of the App and DB, restoring. DOC RU, EN 10:1.50, UNLIM:2.50
Service.DBA DB administation: SQL queries, cleaning up from inconsistent data. DOC RU, EN 10:1.50, UNLIM:2.50
Service.Log Activity log of application users. DOC RU, EN 10:1.00, UNLIM:4.00
Task Process linked tasks, executed in future. DOC RU 10:0.50, UNLIM:1.00
Telegram Sending messages via Telegram. DOC RU, EN 10:1.00, UNLIM:2.50