Dyn to Custom.
BGERP / ERP Change
Created: 21.10.2021 15:46:48 (Shamil Vakhitov)
Status: Done 09.07.2023 15:19:14 (Shamil Vakhitov)
Закрыт: 09.07.2023 15:19:14 (Shamil Vakhitov)


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#111754 Note:
Created: 21.10.2021 15:49 (Shamil Vakhitov)
Add removals of dyn/ru/bgcrm/dyn/Example*.java to, same as CreateOnStart.
Place analogs of the samples to bgerp-custom GIT. Should be used as fork source.
Update documentation about using custom, test against a real customer.
#111988 Note:
Created: 31.05.2023 13:29 (Shamil Vakhitov)
RunClassRequestEvent delete, EventProcessor.processEvent with class argument