BGERP / ERP Change
Created: 10.02.2021 01:21:01 (Shamil Vakhitov)
Status: Open 17.07.2021 16:49:26 (Shamil Vakhitov)


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#108668 Note:
Created: 15.05.2021 16:16 (Shamil Vakhitov)
More demos:
- Cross links to config
- Includes
- DB structure.
#109963 Note:
Created: 15.05.2021 16:17 (Shamil Vakhitov)
Inform about unused resources
Not referenced files from _res directories. Old screenshots and so on.
#109964 Note:
Created: 15.05.2021 16:17 (Shamil Vakhitov)
Include custom JS, e.g google analytics
#109960 Note:
Created: 14.07.2021 12:41 (Shamil Vakhitov)
multi-language .en.html , links to different languages
Source files with suffixes .de.adoc, en.adoc, placed near of original ones.
Using original as default. Language parameter for generator.